Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rusting dock - Tarifa, Spain - Two Views

I took this picture on the dock at Tarifa. I knew I wanted to try a watercolor, but when I did, the watercolor just seemed too, well, like the photo. It wasn't working for me. It bothered me for weeks. So I splattered it with paint. It's a new technique I've been playing with. I'm not sure if it exactly right, but I am happier with it now. Ah summer. A great time to do all these things! On Friday I am heading to my favorite place...Plum Farm. It really is my favorite place. I'm not entirely sure why, but I love to go there. To see Mike and Donna and have some time with family, time to read (a great place to read), write, paint, cook, eat, drink, talk...I guess that about covers it. I'll post pictures from there. I have in the past.

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