Thursday, July 15, 2010

Larry - various views

I've been traveling a lot this summer. But since returning from Spain and Italy it's been all domestic - Fire Island, Michigan, tomorrow Canada for our niece's wedding. Today the wonderful physical therapist who has been trying to cure various ailments asked me if travel inspired me. If I wrote better because of it. The answer is yes. Everything is better because of it...I'm sort of taking a vacation from my blog. But lately I've been trying to learn how to paint people and recently I did a few paintings of my husband. I am posting these...Both were done during journeys which is, in fact, more or less the only time I paint. I think about how many of us are away now. More on this later...I need to pack.


  1. I love love love these. I miss you. These make me miss you even more.

  2. Scout, I am thinking about you all the time. Whenever I think of calling, I am sure you are either at work or asleep. I miss you a lot...I'd love to make a plan for your return. Something with just us...I feel that we haven't had enough time together in a while. Love you, sweetheart. And thank you so much for this...xoxMary