Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup versus Old World

Here is another view of two cultures crossing in Rome airport. This one is a little blury. I was nervous about taking it and had to shoot very fast and pretend to be looking elsewhere. Anyway I love the way these guys are standing up against this giant illuminated ad for a whole other world.

I can't say that I am specifically following all the World Cup goings on. But I did see America's amazing goal yesterday. I followed the French protest and was rooting with the guy at my gym for Mexico (he's Mexican). Other than that for me it is mostly background noise. The sound of whistles, crowds, announcers. Still I like it. I like it mainly because I see how much other people like it - how excited they get. And that is exciting to me.

I wish I was a linear person, but I'm not. I seem to do things in circles. This is actually from the end of my trip, but, given that it's World Cup time, I thought it was relevant. I will post other pictures from the trip itself. The wild flowers, the food. But for now I'm putting these up because the World Cup is on everywhere. In every New York bar, in the store where I buy my wine, in the gym (duh), but really everywhere. This image reflects for me how there are other realities than soccer and Samsung. I am glad we have both in this world and hope that continues for a very long time.

For the next several weeks I will continue to post more images. I'd love it if you'd share some of yours. You can do it on my Facebook page. Just "friend" me.

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