Monday, June 21, 2010

Clowning Around in Trastevere

I spent a lovely afternoon in Trastevere. It was hot so I took a front row street at a cafe where over the course of three hours I ordered a large bottle of mineral water, followed by a single shot of espresso, followed by a nice cold glass of white wine.

It is one of those things I love about Italy and Europe in general. You can sit in one spot all day long and nobody bothers you. No one asks you to leave. I've done this everywhere (though I must admit I found Paris the last time I was there less friendly in this regard).

Anyway in the course of the afternoon a very small man painted all in silver, posed with children, as a gunslinger. This clown came my way. In the evening I went into the church where a gypsy woman begged outside. I was carrying the lunch I hadn't eaten that day and gave it to her along with some change. She said she was hungry and thanked me. It gave me pleasure to see her eat.

Half an hour later as I was leaving the church I saw her on her cell phone, a leather bag slung over her shoulder, as she and another well-dressed woman headed off. Ah, I thought, I fell for that one. I chucked to myself.

Still...I loved this clown.

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