Sunday, August 19, 2012

So here's where we are...

Governor's Island!!!  FREE ferry ride (or should I say fairy ride) from Brooklyn and Manhattan.  We had a wonderful day, listening to old time Jazz, watching baseball as it was playing in 1864, sleeping on a spacious lawn, watching women dance in golden capes and feathered tiaras, watching others dance as I can only imagine my parents once danced.  It was as if we'd traveled a thousand miles and a hundred years away.  It's as if I fell asleep on the lawn which I did and woke up in bingo another century.  If you haven't been and you're a New York, then you just gotta go!

Women In Capes and Feathers

Sometimes you just have to go with the moment.  I can hardly explain where or why this moment occurred.  Actually I am rather speechless.  But it was New York and it was yesterday and that's just one more reason why I live here.