Sunday, January 20, 2013

"We all return somewhere": Kate's Coney

"We all return somewhere," my daughter, Kate O'Connor Morris, writes in her beautiful essay, published recently in the Evergreen Review.  I am her mother and I'm proud, but I also think she's a great writer.   And just beginning... These images of Coney Island were taken a few weeks after Hurricane Sandy.  The devastation was incredible.  Cars filled with water, mountains of sand on the streets, as you can see in this photo of Kate, and yet none on the beach.  We walked and took pictures for hours.  Then made our way home.


  1. Pictures of beautiful post-apocalyptic devastation...Coney Island a ghost town--who could've ever imagined? These photos seem like location stills for the original "Planet of the Apes." Thanks, Mary, for the reminder that big events linger long after the news cycle ends.

    1. Thank you, Bill, for this lovely comment. Nice to reconnect in this way.