Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello, Manhattan. Let There Be...

Light!  Here are some pictures taken this afternoon while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Kate had just returned from Los Angeles and we wanted to see what the city was like.  We were in Manhattan just as the lights of the city began to return.  This image which is my favorite shows a Con Edison worker as he is illuminating a subway lantern.  But below catalogues our walk.

Below in Brooklyn.  Long lines of people (this doesn't do the line justice) wait to fill small plastic tanks of gas.  As we walked into the city, Lower Manhattan was dark.  And weirdly there were no traffic lights.  Huge residential towers were black.  But suddenly we heard at about six o'clock that the lights were starting to return and by seven as we were walking back we saw the city, starting to come back to life.  It was beautiful to behold. 

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