Saturday, July 7, 2012

Paris watercolors

For a number of years now whenever I travel, I pain in my journals.  My journals were, for decades, lined but I began to purchase unlined ones and began to travel with a small watercolor case and a set of waterproof pens and a few brushes.  This has brought me a lot of pleasure over many years.  I love to sit some place, stare into space, and, when the mood feel right do some small paintings.  I don't really try to make these bigger or try to paint them when I'm home.  For whatever reason the paper - blank watercolor paper - frightens me.  I don't really know what I'm doing.  That is, I know that I don't have any technique and don't ever intend to do more with them than keep them inside my journals.  I have begun digitalizing some of these journals, saving the images because these journals are delicate and with time do see to be falling apart.  (I did see in Paris a wonderful bookbinder and I'd love to have some of these rebound some day.  At any rate it is what I like to do.  I only do these when I'm on the road, but they bring me a lot of a pleasure. 

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