Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I feel I am getting closer...

to this not resembling a bowl of fruit.


  1. Hello Mary Morris,
    I received a message from you on Twitter that is probably spam. I follow you on Twitter. I read Nothing to Declare when I first came to Mexico 19 years ago. Congratulations on it still being in print.
    If you´d like to revisit San Miguel de Allende, you can check out my Mexican memoir, Flirting in Spanish (Antaeus Books, 2011). It´s the story of my romance with a 19 year old who was struggling to finish high school when I was 33 years old.
    If the Twitter comment did come from you, thank you. I´m delighted to hear from you.
    Susan McKinney de Ortega

  2. hey prettty nice abstract painting, I am working on some absttract paintings too and one in particular is very similar to this one!